January 30, 2019

Apache Cassandra Terms/Abbreviations

CQL - Cassandra Query Language
RP - Random Partitioner
OPP - Order Preserving Partitioner
BOP - Byte Ordered Partitioner
RF - Replication Factor
CF - Column Family
JSON - Java Script Object Notation
BSON - Binary JSON
TTL - Time To Live
HDFS - Hadoop Distributed File System
CFS - Cassandra File System
UUID - Universal Unique IDentifier
DSE - Datastax Enterprise
AMI - Amazon Machine Image
OOM - Out Of Memory
SSTables - Sorted String Table
SEDA - Staged Event-Driven Architecture
CRUD - Create Read Update Delete

JRE - Java Runtime Engine 
JNA - Java Native Access
JVM - Java Virtual Machine
JMX - Java Management Extensions
JAR - Java ARchive

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